We at 4HERE apply our expertise and vast experience in the wireless and IoT industries to tackle your product design challenges with concurrent engineering.

Delivery of a complete

  • System architecture 
  • Detailed Power Design 
  • Mechanical Models
  • Thermal Simulations
  • FEA Simulation
  • Factory Test Plan 
  • U.S. Carrier Certification Support

We identify potential product issues early in the design cycle. Our internal design and product validation capabilities allow us to concurrently develop and test product design for:

  • Mechanical Reliability
  • Product ALT
  • Antenna OTA Testing
  • RF Parametric Testing
  • Audio Tuning
  • Camera/Display Functionality and Tuning
  • 3GPP, precomplince validation for 2G/3G/LTE
  • Battery Safety and Certifications

Antenna OTA Testing

RF Parametric Testing

Mechanical Reliability Testing

At 4HERE product development knowledge goes beyond designing and engineering. We understand the needs of scalable manufacturing and cost. We can work with our partner manufacturers to develop factory test flow and test setups crucial for your product launch schedule

  • You are using an ODM for your design and integration, but need local U.S. support for driving design robustness and validation.  
  • 4Here works with your ODM to ensure designs are going to work the first time.  
  • 4Here is your local SME partner and resource for all facets of your design.  



At 4HERE, we are bringing a new model to design services. We truly understand the diverse needs of our clients and that those needs can arise at any time, which is why we also offer a membership based client service that is geared towards providing our technical expertise at moments notice. Our on-call technical SME’s can help address your product needs at any stage and provide guidance for real solutions. Contact us to learn more about our membership packages:

  • One Time Design Consulting
  • Entry Level Support
  • Intermediate Level Support
  • Premium Level Support

Our Partners

At 4HERE, we collaborate with industry leaders in the:

  • Mobile
  • IoT
  • Home Automation
  • Medical
  • Smart Appliance Industries

Together, we are shaping the innovation landscape.

Over 20 Years of Product Design and Cellular Carrier Certification Support

Knowledge of U.S. carrier requirements are critical for upfront design decisions for your product.  IoT products can have unique requirements and 4HERE knows how to make sure your product is designed to meet all the requirements.  We will work through the carrier certification process to get your product certified. 

About Us

RF Engineering

RF SMEs with 15+ years of consumer product design and development experience.

Electrical Engineering

EE SMEs with 15+ years of consumer product design and development experience.

Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Design

20+ years of ME and ID design SMEs that can not only design to your product needs, but can work with vendors on material and finish selections as well.

Antenna Design

Custom antenna design and solution with SMEs having over 20 years of professional experience with capabilities ranging from antenna simulations to carrier certification alignment.

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